The thing about heartbreak

One morning you will wake up and realize you don’t miss his warm arms wrapped around you or his gentle lips pressed against yours. The bare thought of him won’t break your heart like it use to. You will miss him less each day and learn to life without him.

But before it comes to that you will have a pain so unbearable that it conquers your whole soul. You will miss all the little things he did like the way he held you when you cried and in that second made you feel like all your broken pieces fit together perfectly. Or the way he secretly gazed at you with so much appreciation of your existence. He will make promises that will sound to good to be true and make you question if you have ever loved someone like you do him.


One day everything changes he will leave with no explanation and leave you feeling naked and exposed and that is what I think changes people.

But it does get better you don’t ever stop loving someone you just learn to live without him.


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