Murphy’s law


Today I am going to tell you about what felt like the longest journey to work ever.

One Monday morning as I was on my way to work I dropped off my phone at the cellphone shop as it had this tendency off shutting down at random times. Not worried about not having a phone I continued to work which was about 80 km from home.

As soon as I dropped my mom off at work I was rushing to work which was a further 10km from where my mom worked. I was pushing the car to it’s limits I mean it’s a BMW how could I not.

And all of a sudden I hear the most terrifying sound every BMW driver is terrified off. It is a loud BONG noise indicating something is wrong. I could feel my heart sank and a knot in my throat as I read the message…..please drive at a moderate speed. I was driving 20 km until i could safely pull off.

Having no form of communication to call for help I could not help bursting into to tears. I was stranded all alone next to one of the busiest highways in Jo’burg.

I had to do something so I decided to try and catch someone attention just so they could lend me their phone but after 15 minutes off parading next to the highway someone finally stopped. I was so grateful I phoned my mom and told her what happened.

10 Minutes later when I saw her coming around the corner, never before was I so glad to see her. I could not believe the one day I did not have a phone the car will break…Murphy’s law if I could call it that.

So in conclusion after I was worried that it was my fault for the driving the BMW like a Ferrari on a racing track it was the water pomp that broke and I arrived safely but me and the car’s relationship has not been the same ever since.



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