Memories that haunt me…

The Things We Leave Behind

As I am staring at this blank screen I am thinking about all the things I left behind all the memories all the people and all the things.

All these memories some good some bad and some that will haunt me forever. Some have caused sleepless nights about me dwelling about what could have been.

The things that haunt me the most and that I am struggling to leave behind are past relationships. How it have shaped and changed me into a person I am ashamed to be. A person that no longer believes in love or happily ever afters. At first relationships were no big deal until I met a guy who built me up just to tear me back down again. He made empty promises and fractured every inch of my soul. When we had our horrible break up it felt like he left with a part of my heart, the part that was able to love.

After that the worst part was finding myself again without him constantly shaping me into someone that I did not even recognize anymore. I needed to find my happiness without him.

Months passed and I was slowly recovering but I knew deep down I will never be able to love the way I loved him and that will haunt me forever.

People always change but the memories don’t.

He was a thing that I left behind without my choice or consent but I know now there are far better things ahead and that is the only thing that carries me through the lonely nights.


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