My perfect imaginary portrait


As I traveled to the place I felt most at home and where my soul feels most alive. I could feel the humidity on my skin and the warmth from the sun gazing on my face. I hear the birds serenading all in their different sounds which made up in a perfect melody to me.

As I lay on the green grass the leaves of the tree being my only form of shade I admire the stories the clouds are making and wish I was as free as the eagle flying so high up in the sky looking so majestic and powerful.

The clear blue water underneath my feet and the drops escaping the waterfall cooling my sun baked skin.

I could escape to this imaginary place which I was so good living myself into.

And for a moment I could escape the harsh reality i was finding myself in. Day to day routines, going to work coming home and the only nice scenery I had was the super cars in traffic. Which made my day I might add.

Having my perfect imaginary portrait of a place so magnificent and unrealistic brought me through blue Mondays, traffic jams and difficult clients.


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