Taking a chance on love

So I met this guy and he is almost everything that I have ever wanted. He has a nice sense of humor, playful, outgoing and treats me like a princess.

He looks at me in a way no guy has ever looked at me, tells me I am beautiful everyday and wants to get to know my family. We are in such a early stage but the amount of love he has shown me healed all my broken parts. I feel so safe and secure when he holds me and I just love spending time with him. He supports me emotionally through bad days and I know he will be there for the long run. And did I forget to mention he is handsome as hell!

But there is one problem…

I am incapable of falling in love and I know it is not fair towards him. I think I have been hurt so much through my past relationships that I just can’t open my heart up to someone knowing there is a slight chance that he might leave. I have been promised a lot of things but those promises were broken as soon as they saw who I really am.

I guess I am afraid cause I barely survived my last relationship without completely losing myself to sadness, disappointment and self worthiness. I want to fall in love and feel love again but I just can’t allow myself to be that vulnerable to someone again.

I know I need to risk it but what if I lose it all again?


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