An absurd cliché

Conventional Wisdom

What’s meant to be will be is one of the the biggest LIE people losing a loved one believe.

As you lay on your bed contemplating about where did all go wrong. Waiting for him to send you a message begging you to take him back or surprising you at your window pane saying this was all a big mistake and you should give it one last chance, but it never happened.

What’s meant to be will be is not true maybe in some instance like job related and life but certainly not when it comes to love.

If both of you stop trying eventually it will just fade away, you will learn to live without each other, the smallest things won’t remind you of them anymore and a few month later you will realize he is just a memory.

You will pass him share a polite smile and realize you both are just strangers with a million memories who gave up on what could have been true love.

If you really love someone that you have lost stop waiting for him to come back or that maybe because of some bizarre reason your paths will cross again it’s complete and utter bullshit.

If you want him and you know he is worth it, fight for him even if it means you make a complete fool of yourself at least you tried, you fought for something you loved.

It’s better than sitting there overthinking every thought that crosses your mind, every fight and every single thing you might have done wrong. I promise this will drive you insane!

Yes I do believe in fate and destiny and soulmates and people finding there ways back to each other after years but if you could be happy now why wait?






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