The boy on the bus


As I lay my warm face on the side of the window on an old worn out bus, waiting for it to leave to my new destination

I look at every stranger that passes, wondering why so many of them have these worn out tired look on their faces.

What made them, what did they go through and what wicked turns has the world thrown at them?

“Madam” the bus attendant interrupts my thoughts.

“Where are you going and can I please have your bus ticket” she stands with one hand reached out to me waiting for me to give her the ticket.

Anywhere but here I thought…

“To Cape Town” I finally said.

She nodded “I hope you enjoy your trip” and walked away.

I hope so to I thought was this a good idea, maybe maybe not, maybe it was just what I needed to create a new trademark a new identity and a new life.

“Stop” I hear someone scream as the bus was about to leave.

The doors crack open and this long muscular man with dark hair and blue eyes climb on to the bus.

Dressed in a smart suit with polished black shoes and each hair in place, he must be in his early 20’s I thought.

As he walks past me he looks at me with a sweet lovely smile on his face and sits in the far left corner.

As the bus slowly starts to drive I feel my nerves stuck in my throat, I was worrying about the future and the past I left behind.

“Excuse me” I hear a soft  yet manly voice say

I turn and look right into his beautiful face, this is the same man that just climbed onto the bus.

“Do you mind if I sat down?” he asked.

“Not at all” I said hesitantly.

“Thank you” he said as he sat down next to me.

“Where are you going?” He asked.

“To Cape Town and you?”

“Me to, business or pleasure?

I though for a moment was it business or pleasure or just an easy escape to a place no one knew me, a place no one could judge me about my past or the trademark that has been imprinted on my soul.

“A new adventure” I finally said.

After a long pause he finally said “Maybe your new adventure can start now”

We started talking, we talked about everything our hopes and dreams, our fears our deepest desires. We talked like we had known each other for years.

Before I knew it 3 hours have passed.


He yanks me up from my seat and starts playing this old song which I could hardly remember but still recalled from my childhood years.

Footlose from Kenny Loggings

We danced, he swung me around and pulled me in so close that I could hear his heartbeat.

Out of breath I replied “Maybe you can be my new adventure”

He smiled and pulled me in for a long tender kiss.

At that moment I knew we were old souls meeting each other again.




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