Love is a poison we choose to drink

There is this absurd and ridiculous thing people liked to call love. Movies especially love stories shows us the most amazing parts where people can’t get enough of one another, where they fight, make up and get married and that’s where it ends. Love is not wonderful and fulfilling love is pain and misery. Love is crying yourself to sleep wondering why you were not good enough for the one person you loved more than anything in the world. Love is leaving someone because they do things that show you that their love is only 3 short words and makes you to believe it’s true but their actions speak different ! LOVE DOES NOT MAKE PEOPLE HAPPY. I for one despise it. Love makes people hurt the one they claim to love. Love is not accepting another person for who they are it’s convincing that person they need to change because they love you. NO you are supposed to love someone because of their flaws, or the way they react or chew or laugh. Love is doing everything in your power to make them happy despite your own insecurities. Love is dancing in the kitchen not walking on egg shells. Love can be so amazing but being loved by the wrong person can destroy you. My friend once told me that your heart is like pieces of a chocolate cake everytime you love someone you give them a piece and when they leave that piece leaves with them. Choose who you love wisely make sure that their heart and mind is big and strong enough to accept all you have to offer. Love is vital for human survival and being loved and being inlove is wonderful.

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